Why Fabris Giuliana

Why should I choose Fabris Giuliana?
Fabris Giuliana is a company that has been producing, selecting and distributing furnishing accessories with the highest quality standards for a century, respecting the most genuine artisan tradition.


Are this products guaranteed?
We guarantee in accordance with the law all products sold through the website and support the customer, where possible, even after years, as per our tradition.


Can I order a product from the website and collect it in the store?
Of course, just specify it when ordering in the Notes section.


Will I receive confirmation that my order has been shipped?
It will be our pleasure to send an immediate confirmation of shipment with relative via email
tracking code.

What if the product arrives damaged?
Although very rarely, it can happen that the package is damaged during transport.
We are directly responsible for the integrity of your items during the delivery period, so we will replace them if they arrive broken or damaged.


How can I care for and maintain my tapestry over time?
You can take care of your tapestries by preserving them from the accumulation of dust. An occasional cleaning with velvet brushes (very well those for clothes) or vacuum cleaner at low speed will be sufficient.
Professional washing is recommended where necessary.

Can I iron the tapestry that arrives folded?
You can iron the tapestries with iron and steam, taking care to protect the yarn by placing a cotton sheet between them.

For any further request please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your complete disposal.